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About us

Van 106 Grip and Lighting is a full service motion picture grip and lighting rental house, dedicated to servicing your power, lighting, and grip/camera support needs. Our goal is to provide quality equipment at a fair price with no hassle. 


Founded in 2013 by Blake M. Farmer and Craig Boydston, we have tirelessly cultivated long established relationships with industry leading vendors and manufacturers to facilitate constant innovation and ensure that our clients never feel under equipped. 


We offer grip & lighting packages tailor-fit to each commercial, music video, feature film, corporate video, or photo shoot. We utilize state of the art equipment to ensure that content we help create maintains an expensive look that will age well in an ever changing industry.

One stop

We maintain relationships with a large network of vendors, reducing the hassle of additional paperwork and inconvenience of scheduling additional equipment pickups, which can create a burden for your production. Feel free to dream big and let us handle the insurance and pickups where available.


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We utilize a variety of state of the art equipment to ensure that your content maintains a polished "expensive" look throughout.

Lighting & Grip

From Tungsten to HMI, LED, and battery powered units, we do it all. From simple beauty lighting setups to DMX automation, we have the tools you need. Check out the media page for some examples of what we can accomplish and be sure to check out our inventory to get a sample of the variety of instruments we offer.



  • Arri M40 with hi-speed
  • Arri M18 with hi-speed
  • Joker 800 
    • Joleko 
    • Jem Ball
  • CMC 18k fresnel
  • CMC 12k fresnel


  • LiteGear
    • LiteMat+ 4
    • LiteMat+ 2L
    • LiteMat+ 1
      • Our LiteMats come equipped with gold mount battery plates
  • Arri Skypanel S60-C
  • Quasar Science
    • 4' Bi-color Switch
    • Q-Lion battery powered units
  • Astera LED AX1
    • Pixel Mappable LED Tubes


Full Tungsten Package from 10k and down, including fresnels, open face, par cans, ellipsoidal, and soft lights. 


We have the latest in light modification tools from Chimera and LightTools. 


Our ever-expanding "DMXability" will put a fine polish on your finished product. Utilizing the latest from Ratpac and Innovative Dimmers, we make simple automation a breeze with the AKS system and Cinetennas that allow for wireless control from your iPad or iPhone. In addition we have a number of smart dimmer packs and racks that allow us to control hot lights as well. All together, these systems allow control from simple setups to large stage productions.



Honda 7000 w/60 amp out

Honda 2000 suitcase genny 

3 ton Grip Package

We believe that you should have the tools to do your job, and that you shouldn't have to be burdened with building a grip package from the ground up when you rent from us. We've carefully curated this load over years of trial and error and believe that our truck will satisfy the needs of any key grip or gaffer.  Check out our 3-ton inventory and if you don't see what you need, let us know!



"Where do you want the camera?" We've got you covered when it comes to car rigging. From vehicle mounts to overhead rigging, we've got the tools and tricks to execute your vision.

Camera support

  • 3' and 5' slider for mounting on dolly, sticks, vehicles, etc.
  • Dana Dolly
  • Butt Dolly
  • Panther Bazooka